About Tazmon

John FitzpatrickHello and thank you for visiting my site.  I’ve setup this page as a way for me to share information about projects, events, life… anything and everything I find interesting enough to share with the world.

One question I’ve heard a few times is, “Why Tazmon?”  Back in 1995 when I was first getting online, I was looking for a name to use for my first email address at AOL.com.  The summer before I was working at a camp on the Oregon coast and had the nickname, “Taz.”  I would have loved to be able to claim just “Taz” as a domain name and email address, but I was too late and had to find an alternative.  At that time in my life, I was listening to a lot of reggae music and wearing rasta colors… (it was a strange fad of mine) and after I tried quite a few variations of “Taz” for my registration, I came to tazmon95.  Since then I’ve had tazmon95 as my email address at hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc.  And that’s how I started using the name, “Tazmon.”


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