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Probably on our last trip to Seoul

Well I’m writing this now sitting in our room at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul.  I’m REALLY going to miss staying here on our trips here.  This trip worked great with our schedules.  I was going to come up for the Awards panel for the USFK Employee of the Year as a Navy representative and Tanya needed to come up to get a medical exam for her immigration procedures and we have to stop by the embassy on Wednesday to get her Spousal Visa… finally!!!

The process we’ve been on to get her visa and figure out what comes next for our family has been a long one, but the times we’ve had while waiting to see what would come next have been great.  The opportunities we’ve had to see Korea, meet new friends and enjoy starting our family couldn’t be had anywhere else.  The hardest part now is thinking about actually leaving Korea.  I can say, I’m not looking forward to it but I am looking forward to getting on with our lives and settling down.  As things wind down here, I’ll try to get on and post updates on this blog on a more regular basis.

Busan Fireworks Festival 2009

Today tanya and I headed over to busa to see the 2009 Fireworks Festival. We went the the festival last year and both of us thought it was the most Amazing show we’ve ever seen.

This years show was just as good and we got to experience some wonderful Korean hospitality on the gwangali beach. When we got to the beach at about 6:40pm it was already very cowded and we were trying to find a seat. A Korean lady with a bunch of little kids near her waved to us and gave us some seats on their blankets. The little girls gave us some cookies and had fun trying to talk with us. It was also really fun to listen to their excitement throughout the show.

After the 45 minute long show (felt like 10 minutes) we then headed back to the subway station. It was a scene reminiscent of the Japanese train stuffers and the streets were like rivers of humanity.

Check out the pictures posted in our gallery.

Back in Chinhae

Well I’m back in Chinhae, I had a great time in Hawaii, but I was really missing Tanya and Anastasia. People keep asking me why I want to get out of the navy, my answer always has to so with how I want to be close to my family and how serving in the military just doesn’t fit anymore in my life. I have really enjoyed the last 12 years, but if my one week trip is any indication of what it would be like to be deployed for a year, then I don’t think I could handle it.

It’s really hard to believe how much Anastasis has changed in the time I was gone. She learned how to crawl, she started making a new face that is hillarious, lots of new sounds and even just her appearance. She’s getting more and more beautiful every day.